Welcome to ASTHOOK’s documentation 1.0.13a!

Asthook allows to make a static analysis and a dynamic analysis of application content. The great advantage of this tool is its modularity and the possibility of teamwork. This tool brings 2 functionalities rarely highlighted is the automated creation of APK for POC, as well as the syntax and tint analysis of the source code.

Many plug-ins allowing to analyze the application are already present such as :
  • The search for literals in the source code

  • Lists the set of read and write functions on the file system.

  • The search for exploitable vulnerable Intent and generation of an apk poc

  • The list of all user entry points

  • The function search called in the apk

  • Function search in the apk

  • Automatic generation of a hook on a function

  • Automatic installation of the certificate

  • Automated bypass of SSL pinning

  • Recovery of deleted files

  • Etc.

At first to works the tools need to decompile and prepare the apk on the directory temp/<apk>. You will can found on this directory a the apk decompiled and some stuff put here by some plugins like wireshark trace or apk poc built.

The static analysis will transform the apk on a AST (Abstract Syntaxical Tree) and do a Deth-First Search to analyse all function/variables etc.

The link of the project https://gitlab.com/MadSquirrels/mobile/asthook

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